LGBTQ events (programs) in India

LGBTQ programs in India

LGBTQ events (programs) in India

There are many organizations that are getting together meets, talks, parades, book readings, theatre festivals etc. for the LGBTQ community. These events give an opportunity for the LGBT community members to get together with like-minded people, discuss issues of relevance, and reach out. Such LGBT events in India serve as a platform for socializing and outreach to the LGBT community in India and the supporters.

We list some of them.The North India LGBTQ Job Fair and Confluenceis being held on 23 November 2019 at the Lalit. This job Fair is regularly organized by the Lalit Group.

Pride is a celebration of diverse sexualities and gender identities. Pride Parades are held across the world. The LGBTQ communities participate wholeheartedly. The parades are a time to celebrate and cheer the rainbow.

The Delhi Queer Pride Parade is scheduled for 24 November 2019. Starting at Tolstoy Marg in Connaught Place, a beautiful point in Lutyens Delhi, it is going to be a colorful affair on a Delhi winter Sunday evening.

Tarang – the Delhi Queer Theatre and Film Festival organized by Harmless Hugs is an event that is looked forward to by the members of the LGBT community. It has been organized since 2012 and stages plays and screens movies that are of interest to the LGBT community. The 2019 festival is scheduled for 14-15 December 2019. It is a must go for the LGBT community and those who support the cause.

Mumbai Pride – The Queer Azadi – is scheduled for 01 February 2020. Time to go all out and participate. There are bound to be a host of other events around the parade.

There are organizations like Humsafar Trust, Naz Foundation, Harmless Hugs that organize regular workshops, talks, and other such interactions for the LGBT community. They give a platform for people to meet, talk and discuss issues that affect the LGBT communities across the world, and helps them find their way around them. These events help give a perspective to the community and their supporters.