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When it comes to diversity, there really is no other city like London. Our lesbian, bisexual, transgender, gay and Queer LGBTQ life in London, London guide has details about hotels, romantic spots and alternative ideas for a night out. Whether you’re visiting with friends, family or your partner, you can discover London’s top attractions, fun activities, and major events, including the Pride in London festival.

City of London Tour – Rainbow Gay Tours

As you walk through Soho, an area famed for its flamboyant shops and fun-loving bars, it’s hard to believe that being gay was ever a crime in London UK. And yet, until 1967, like much of the world, you could be convicted in England for loving the wrong person. This year marks the 50th anniversary of the decriminalization of homosexuality in this country – and while the transition hasn’t always been smooth, today we boast one of the largest gay populations in Europe and a thriving, multicultural LGBTQ scene that can be enjoyed by all.

With a handful of LGBTQ milestones on the horizon, a group of activists in London has organised the capital’s first queer tour

Looking to the future, he hopes that the trail will draw attention to how the fight for LGBTQ rights needs to continue, and how people who identify with these labels have only very recently gained mainstream acceptance in a handful of countries.

Take A Tour Of Soho And Beyond

Spanning a square mile near Oxford Street, Soho is one of the capital’s most famous districts and the historic epicenter of London’s LGBTQ scene. It’s here that people of all sexuality have sought refuge, drawn to the area by its liberal-minded theaters, shops and pubs, many of which still stand today.

LGBTQ life in London

If you identify as LGBTQ Communities or are questioning your sexual or gender identity, there are a huge range of groups and organisations based in London that can offer support and advice, as well as enabling you to connect with other young people who identify as LGBTQ in a fun and safe space.