LGBTQ support groups in New Delhi

LGBTQ support groups in New Delhi

LGBTQ support groups in New Delhi

Support groups for a community act as panacea at times of duress, stress and confusion. They can be a place for finding help and succor for troubled souls. New Delhi in India is home to some organizations that support the LGBTQ community and provide them with help on issues of concern.

Listed below are some of the LGBT groups in Delhi.

Humsafar trust is one of the oldest such organizations in India. Instituted in 1994 by Ashok Row Kavi, a leading journalist of India, it was allocated space in a Municipal building in Mumbai. Into its 25th year now, the Humsafar Trust has continued its tireless crusade for the rights of the LGBTQ community in India. The Trust has projects on health, advocacy, awareness, outreach, and research on the LGBT communities.

Another organization that has been around for quite a while is the Naz Foundation that focuses on HIV/AIDS and other sex related issues in India. The Foundation has been vocal on related issues and have raised them with the law makers as well. They have programs for outreach, counselling, teaching, health and legal support for the LGBT groups in India. They have an active helpline that the LGBT community can call to seek support and help.

Harmless Hugs is an organization founded in 2012 and it focuses on getting the LGBT community together with events like Queer Theatre and Film Festivals, LGBTQ Flash Mobs, Holi events in Delhi, regular meetings, and workshops. The organization can connect the LGBT community members with NGOs and other organizations for medical and legal help.

Nazariya was formed in 2014 as a queer feminist resource group. It is based out of New Delhi. Their focus is on issues of Lesbian / Bi-sexual women and Trans People assigned female at birth. They organize events like book launches, film screenings, talks etc. to discuss relevant issues. Their helpline focuses on helping people reach out.

The Bi-Collective is a support group for the LGBTQ people, an organization based out of New Delhi. It provides resource material on the LGBTQ issues and even organizes events to get the LGBT community together. The LGBTQ support groups in New Delhi play a vital role for the support they provide to the people in the capital city. The people can meet like minded others, discuss their concerns and attempt to reach a conclusion. The above mentioned groups are some names. We hope to see many more similar groups coming up to help out the LGBT communities.