LGBTQ Friendly Cafes and Pubs in Mumbai

LGBTQ Friendly Cafes and Pubs in Mumbai

Mumbai takes the trophy away in India when it comes to being progressive and inclusive. The people in this city aren’t very judgmental and it doesn’t matter where you come from or how you choose to live your life. Mumbai has been welcoming the LGBTQ community with open arms.

The LGBT community is pretty active and thriving in Mumbai. In Mumbai cafes and pubs have been breaking social barriers and have trained their staff so that the LGBTQ community does not face any discomfort.

We have a list of the most LGBTQ friendly cafes and pubs in Mumbai.

The Ghetto

The most vibrant pubs across Mumbai is The Ghetto. The walls are covered with graffiti and the neon lights just emphasize the art. They’ve got the best 90’s music playing in the background. It’s one of the liveliest pubs in Mumbai.


Neos is amongst the new nightclubs in Mumbai and have a stunning ambience. They have divided the entire place into private sections with a grand dance floor in the center. There are a lot LGBT parties held here.

Café Mondegar

This iconic restaurant is one of the oldest restaurants in the city. It is known for its legendary murals by the famous Maria Miranda and the great music collection with retro ambiance.

Kitty Su

The best places to sample the city’s vibrant nightlife is at The Lalit Hotel in Andheri. This lounge has seven different levels – if you’d like to have some cocktails by the poolside, one can head to their Aqua Zone, if any one wants to dance the night away, head to their dance floor. Kitty su always has an impressive DJ spinning the hippest tracks. The club also host LGBT theme nights for its LGBTQ friendly quotient.

Doolally Taprooms

Doolally Taprooms has a great food, amazing cocktails and foot tapping music. The restaurant is not only LGBT friendly but is also pet friendly.